Eraser 453

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Eraser 453  

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Eraser 453

OIMU published 『Eraser 453』 book.
We’re cooperating with Hwarang Rubber co., Ltd.(Hwarang) which produced erasers in Korea for the first time since 1950.
Study the 453 pieces of erasers produced since 1950, diving in depth to the history of Korea-made erasers.
We hope that this book will help bring back the spotlight on the timeless charms of Korea-made erasers, taking the readers on a nostalgic time travel.

The erasers that triggered ‘Eraser project’ (Discontinued in August 2018).

The erasers of ‘the visual guide to Hwarang Erasers’, main content of the book.

『Eraser 453』 includes the visual guide that contains 453 erasers, photos of factory,
history of Korean eraser industry, story of copy cats, interviews with management of Hwarang, and more.

We made hot foil stamping with a matte black pigment on the material that resembles the texture of the eraser surface.

Printed the slogan of OIMU on the inside cover and hot-foil stamping method is applied.

By adopting soft surface and a lightweight paper to pages, it maximizes the analog feel of the eraser produced in the past.
The weight of the book is 443g and it is light compared to the thickness.

We offer an introduction post card written in English about our book, 'Eraser 453'.

이 도서의 국립중앙도서관 출판예정도서목록(CIP)은 서지정보유통지원시스템 홈페이지(와 국가자료공동목록시스템(에서 이용하실 수 있습니다.(CIP제어번호: CIP2018038360)

In order to reuse some or all of the contents of this book, you must obtain the consent of OIMU.

Copyright 2019. OIMU all rights reserved.



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