Fortune candle

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Fortune candle  

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Fortune[福] candle

Developed as part of the Fortune project, this fortune candle are made in the form of letters '福' which means fortune.
'福' is a letter that Koreans spend their entire lives together.
I hope you have a blessed day with the fortune candle by your side.

* Matches are not included in the product configuration.

images ⓒ National Folk Museum of Korea

'福' is the letter that accompanies the life cycle of Koreans.
When the baby was born, people embroidered '福' on pillows and blankets, wishing for a blessed future for the baby.
In addition, they usually wore clothes and accessories with patterns that represent '福'.
When preparing meals, people washed rice with Bokjori, and engraved '福' on rice bowls or spoons to reflect on their blessings every meal.

After 3D modeling the '福' character, we made a mold and poured vegetable wax made of soybean oil to produce it.

Candle is safely wrapped in paper.

You can use two wicks at the same time to burn the surface evenly.

The package contains the charm of embossed candle.

It is a candle with a basic scent of soy wax without adding an artificial scent.
People who are sensitive to scents can use it without any repulsion.

Candle was made with Seoul-Made.

Report number: HB20-26-0011
This means that this product has been compatible with safety standards in S.Korea.

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